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In case of an emergency

Find out in advance from the maintenance personnel how the building’s mechanical ventilation is switched off during an emergency and who will do it. The emergency stop button of the ventilation system should be marked clearly. The switch should be located so that a resident can switch off the ventilation during an emergency caused by a fire or a hazardous substance.

If a sudden, external threat of gas or radiation danger occurs, seek shelter inside. Stop the ventilation and seal the building, in order to stop the polluted air from getting into the building.

Picture of public warning signal

A public warning signal is a one minute long rising and falling sound signal or a warning announcement made by the authorities. The sound signal rises and falls in 7 second intervals. The public warning signal refers to an immediate danger threatening the population.

After hearing the public signal:

Picture: Move indoors

Move indoors and remain inside.


Close the doors and ventilation holes

Close the doors, windows, ventilation holes and ventilation devices.

Switch a radio on.

Switch a radio on and calmly wait for further instructions.

All clear signal

An All clear signal is a one minute long, unchanging sound signal. It notifies that the threat or danger has passed.