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Civil defence shelters

A modern civil defence shelter in working condition offers shelter from military threats, collapsed buildings, ionising radiation and toxic substances. The information concerning your appointed civil defence shelter can be requested from the building manager or your housing company’s board of directors. 

Household shelters

Building-specific civil defence shelters are part of the civil defence operations and their use is based on the construction obligation of civil defence shelters defined in the rescue acts.

The condition and preparedness of a civil defence shelter in a building is the responsibility of the owner or occupant. The shelter’s owner must ensure that the shelter and its devices remain in good condition and that the shelter has the necessary tools needed for emergencies and maintaining the shelter.

If the civil defence shelter is used for some other purpose, it must be available for civil defence purposes within 72 hours. Civil defence equipment and civil defence shelter devices must also be commissioned within this time frame.

Bedrock shelters                                            

In addition to building, company and institution specific shelters, large shelters are also built into the bedrock. In Helsinki, the bedrock shelters are either public or shared civil defence shelters.

The public civil defence shelters are built by the city and they are intended for people who live in the city or work or stay there and for people outdoors, who cannot otherwise be provided with sufficient shelter.

The shared civil defence shelters are bedrock shelters reserved for the use of housing companies, businesses, departments and institutions. In Helsinki, several areas utilise shared bedrock shelters instead of building-specific civil defence shelters. These civil defence shelters are mainly intended for the buildings that funded the shared shelter’s founding phase. One bedrock shelter can have both public and shared civil defence spaces.

Under normal conditions, bedrock shelters are in use, for example, as sports and recreation premises and as parking facilities. Additionally, the metro stations in the city centre have been equipped to act as civil defence shelters.