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Safety telephone service prices

The equipment fee of the safety telephone service covers the safety telephone equipment. Alarm visits are charged based on the number of visits. In addition to this, you need a telephone subscription. The procurement of the telephone subscription and its costs are not included in the safety telephone service.

• Basic service fee EUR 54/month
• Additional bracelet/button EUR 10/month
• Alarm visit EUR 40/visit (fixed price)
• Maintenance or installation EUR 40
• Other service visit EUR 40

These prices are valid when you order the service directly as a private customer. If you are a customer of the City of Helsinki's Home Care Services, the prices are determined based on income.

Door alarm

You can supplement the safety telephone service with a door alarm. The door alarm is an excellent addition for the home of a person suffering from a memory disorder, for example.

Door alarm equipment fees

• door alarm as an additional service to a safety telephone EUR 15/month
• door alarm without a safety telephone EUR 27/month.
• Search operations caused by door alarms are charged at EUR 40/starting hour on weekdays and at EUR 80/starting hour on holidays.

Submit a contact request or contact us via telephone and we will help you determine the prices and find a suitable service package for you.