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Safety telephone service

Help around the clock

The safety telephone includes a safety wristband and central unit. You can contact a nurse through both of them. The safety telephone ensures that help is available at all times of the day every day of the year if the client’s health or situation demands it. In the safety telephone service, our healthcare professionals always serve you with patience and in a manner appropriate to the situation.

When the client activates the alarm with the alarm button connected to the safety telephone, a two-way communication channel with the safety telephone standby service opens. When necessary, we will send a nurse for a visit or make sure that those who need emergency help get an ambulance.

The safety telephone is delivered as a comprehensive solution where we provide the device and technical support. As an option, our safety telephone service can be complemented with, for example, a door alarm and a GPS locator wristband.

GPS locator wristband – safety outside the home

With the GPS locator wristband, we are able to locate the client when necessary and also ensure their safety outside their home. The wristband may be helpful to persons with, for example, a memory disease or who are susceptible to seizures or falling.

The wristband transmits the alarm into our safety telephone standby service if the client leaves their designated safety perimeter. Our nurses see the client's exact location, and they can be reached quickly.

The safety perimeter is an area within which the client may move without activating an alarm, including the client’s home, courtyard area and close distances. The safety perimeter is determined in cooperation with the client’s immediate family and the home care.

Equipped with a dementia safety lock, the locator wristband cannot be removed without a separate key. Using the wristband, the client can also personally alert for help every day of the year, 24 hours a day, if their health or situation demands it.