Suoraan sisältöön

Safety telephone service

Safety phone provides peace of mind – help is at hand 24/7

Using the safety phone, you can get help in case of an emergency every day of the year, 24 hours a day, whenever you need it. Our safety telephone service’s customer representatives attend to your needs duly and sympathetically.

When you activate the alarm by pressing the safety phone button, we will identify your telephone and open a two-way communication channel between you and the Service Centre Helsinki’s on-call alarm response. The staff of our safety telephone service consists of trained health care professionals who will assess your situation and the kind of help you need. When necessary, we will alert a health care professional or an ambulance to your location.

You can order the safety telephone service until further notice or on a fixed-term basis covering, for example, a period of rehabilitation. The safety telephone service is provided all-inclusive: we will take care of everything from the appliances needed to technical support, on-call alarm response and visits by a health care professional when needed.

As an option, our safety telephone service can be complemented with, for example, a door alarm or a GPS locator wristband.

GPS wristband for everyday safety

With the GPS locator wristband, we will be able to locate the customer when necessary to ensure their safety. Equipped with a dementia safety lock, the locator wristband cannot be removed without a separate key.

The locator wristband will alert the Service Centre Helsinki’s on-call alarm response if the customer leaves the designated safety perimeter or activates the wristband alarm by themselves. The locator application will reveal the location of the customer, enabling quick response.

The safety perimeter is an area within which the customer may move without activating an alarm, including, for example, the customer’s home, courtyard area and local shop. The safety perimeter is determined in cooperation with the customer’s immediate family and the home care.