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Home meals

The home meal service supports Helsinki residents of various ages, the elderly and convalescents in their well-being and living at home.  Our home meals are tasty, traditional Finnish food that meets the nutritional recommendations, is prepared in our kitchen and delivered to the client’s home, requiring only heating.

The portions consist of a main dish, salad or fresh juice, and dessert. All our meals are lactose-free. We also take into consideration clients’ special dietary requirements and needs, such as those related to food texture.

Our daily menus include 1–3 meal options. The menus are delivered to clients on a weekly basis. Clients with special diets receive personal menus that display the meal options suitable for them.

Based on orders, the meals are delivered cold to clients 1–2 times a week between 9:00 and 17:00. Deliveries take place on weekdays and mid-week holidays if the holiday occurs on an agreed date of delivery.

Ordering home meal service

The home meal service is primarily ordered through the City of Helsinki home care services, which also helps to subsidise the cost of the meal service.

If you wish to receive home meals, contact the home care services of your local Health Centre or the Seniori Info service for elderly citizens, tel. 09 3104 4556 Mon–Fri 9:00–15:00.

Home meals customer service
Open on weekdays 7.30 - 15.30  
tel. 09 310 40030

Order home meals

You can order home meals with an electronic order form (In Finnish) if the client has no special dietary needs. All of our meals are lactose-free.

Click the links below to open the menu of the week in electronic form.  Submit the order by clicking the Send (‘Lähetä’) button.

You can also view home meal menus at, which also features detailed information about the nutritional values of the meals.

Clients with special diets receive personal menus that display the meal options suitable for them.

Special diets in home meal service

All of our home meals are lactose-free. The selection of home meals includes suitable options for special diets and dietary needs, such as:

  • milk-free and coeliac diets
  • fish, milk, egg or pea allergies
  • soft diet
  • vegetarian diet or diets with fish and vegetables

If a client follows a special diet, the home-delivered menu only displays the meals suitable for them.