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Quality – how can we ensure that goals are achieved?

The objectives of our customers and other interest groups are an important starting point for the development of quality in Service Centre Helsinki. We define the service objectives in cooperation with our customers.

We develop the competence of our personnel continuously so that the customers can rely on our promises. For example, each year around 50 Service Centre employees simultaneously participate in an apprenticeship leading to a degree. Our personnel is encouraged in continuous development and rewarded for goal-oriented operations.

Each employee takes part in developing our operations, and we hope that each of our customers will participate in these actions with us, too. The threshold for giving feedback is low, and we develop the utilisation of feedback continuously. Every year, we extensively study the satisfaction of our customers through surveys and interviews and also monitor our success rate.

We ensure the reliability of our operations and the achievement of our goals through systematic managerial work, constant internal audits and often also with reviews carried out together with the customer.

With the help of customer feedback, audit results and risk assessments, we analyse which operations and units require rectifying or preventive development measures. This creates the Service Centre quality.