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Decisions concerning Service Centre Helsinki are made with a shared best interest in mind. We take responsibility into account in our everyday operations and develop the services in an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable manner.

We provide economically and competitively viable efficient services

Economically, we operate in a responsible, sustainable and profitable manner in accordance with the Helsinki City Strategy. We develop the cost-effectiveness of the services and efficient use of the resources. Ensuring social and environmental responsibility also supports responsible financial management.

We are committed to providing services in an environmentally responsible manner

We strive to prevent and reduce harmful environmental impacts due to our operations by, for example, favouring sustainable ingredients in our meal services. We reduce traffic emissions by transport planning and avoiding unnecessary driving between the units.

We take care of our staff

We follow the ethical, responsible and sustainable HR policies of the City of Helsinki.  We offer permanent employment, support the health and occupational well-being of our employees and improve occupational safety. We also invest in the development of staff competence.

We take care of our customers

Our professional staff produces high-quality, safe and healthy services. We develop the quality of our services in a constant customer-oriented manner by taking into account customer-specific needs and utilising customer feedback in cooperation with the customers.

We provide employment opportunities and a gateway to working life

We cooperate with educational institutes, and we offer traineeship and summer job opportunities. We also employee immigrants and unemployed people.


The objectives of our customers and other interest groups are an important starting point for the development of quality in Service Centre.

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Service Centre is part of the city group of Helsinki and the city’s environmental policies also apply to us.

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