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Telephone support services

We serve

The Service Centre telephone service is a diverse consultant, expert and helpdesk support service of phone devices and applications. From us, our contract customers can receive all service life services of phones effortlessly from one place. Our services are high in quality and cost efficient.

Our helpdesk customer service staff take care of the customer’s telephone device and software support together with the contract suppliers, including equipment orders and installations. We provide services ranging from ordering the maintenance service to controlling invoicing. We take care of both bug reports and error messages to the operator as well as any measures concerning lost phones, for example. All services are easily accessed through one service number or email address.

We implement

Customer needs guide our operations. We customise our service packages to the customer’s needs in a competent, constructive manner.

We develop

We produce and develop new telephone solutions proactively in cooperation with our contract suppliers. Among the very first, we test the functionality of new telephone devices and applications while taking into account the wishes and needs of our customers.
We continuously train our helpdesk staff so that they can keep up with the demands of the constantly changing mobile environment.