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Multi-channel customer service

We provide our multi-channel customer service solutions of the Service Centre telephone and well-being services through an advanced contact management system. With the help of this management system, we can control the contacts intelligently, regardless of whether they are phone calls, emails, SMS or chat contacts, and forward them to those specialists to whom they are intended, in the order of their arrival. The contact management system also enables us to collect statistical data, which our customers can refine for their own use.

If your department or enterprise is considering leaving behind the traditional ‘person with a phone’ system and introducing a more advanced VoIP solution, or you otherwise wish to develop your customer service and make it more efficient, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts have decades’ worth of experience and competence in various communication systems and service solutions both from the private and the public sector.

Outsourced customer service

Our outsources customer service provides our contract customers with professional and competent resources in a cost efficient manner.

Callback service

The telephone systems developed for typically busy appointment and customer service numbers are slowly superseding the phone lines, queues and physically dispersed answering services.