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Telephone Services

Part of residents’ everyday lives – diverse telephone services

We offer professional and solution-centred customer services to the City of Helsinki’s municipal departments, enterprises and subsidiaries based on the customer’s needs. We handle some 250,000 contacts every month and provide our services on every day and hour of the year.

In our services, we invest in smoothness, reliability and ease of use. We use modern tools for contact management; you can contact us via, for example, telephone, e-mail, SMS or chat.

Our personnel

Quality control is an integral part of our operations. We make sure that the staff receives constant training and coaching, thereby ensuring the high and consistent quality of our customer service now and in the future. High-quality customer experience does not hinge on a single professional, but rather on the performance of an entire customer service team.

We want to serve as our customers’ partner, supporting, managing and developing operations while genuinely listening to the customer.

Training services

We organise user training of telephone systems and devices for our customers. The telephone system and device training provide practical exercises for using the devices and software so that all functionalities are in active use right from the start. The interactive training situations proceed in accordance with the participants’ competence level.

We produce customised training materials for all training for our customers, which also gives support after the training.

Telephone support services

Service Centre telephone services provide a diverse consultant, expert and helpdesk support service for phone devices and applications. From us, our contract customers can receive all service life services of phones effortlessly from one place. Our services are high in quality and cost-efficient.

We produce and develop new telephone solutions proactively in cooperation with our contract suppliers. Among the very first, we test the functionality of new telephone devices and applications while taking into account the wishes and needs of our customers.

We continuously train our helpdesk staff so that they can keep up with the demands of the constantly changing mobile environment.