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Staff lunches

Our lunch restaurants in Helsinki offer delicious and balanced meals. The lunch options include diverse tastes from both Finland and abroad, with an additional twist on theme days and seasonal holidays. The lunch selection varies restaurant-specifically.

Nutrition recommendations

The Finnish nutrition recommendations based on research were updated in January 2014. The recommendations have been compiled for the healthy population, and their objective is to promote the health of the population.

The recommendations advise people to
• increase the amount of vegetables and legumes, berries and fruits, fish and nuts they eat
• favour soft fats and vegetable oils, full grain products and low-fat dairy products
• limit the intake of red meat, sugar and salt.

A diet that promotes well-being is illustrated with the help of a food pyramid and food plate model.

In all our restaurants, the customer can get a full meal in accordance with the food plate model and their own energy needs.

Better choice

In some of our staff restaurants, we offer ‘Better Choice’ (‘Parempi valinta’) meals.

Better choice

Special diets at staff restaurants

We offer a wide selection of lunch options in our restaurants, and usually they have meals to suit most common special diets.

Special diets at staff restaurants