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School meals

Regular meals help schoolchildren maintain their energy and focus on schoolwork and on learning new things. A lunch assembled based on the food plate model covers approximately one-third of a pupil’s daily nutritional needs. In addition to school lunch, schoolchildren should be provided with breakfast, an afternoon snack and dinner on a daily basis.

Our school canteens offer the choice between two main dishes, one of which is always a lacto-ovo-vegetarian dish. Both dishes are freely available to everyone. Schools also hold a vegetarian day once a week, on which two vegetarian main dishes are offered.

Lunch includes
• a main dish with side dishes
• fresh fruit and vegetables in the form of salads and fruit and vegetable wedges
• crisp bread and on two days a week soft bread and vegetable fat spread
• a beverage consisting of fat-free milk, sour milk or water.

Menus and culinary themes

Our six-week rotating menu features some of the favourite dishes of Finnish schoolchildren.

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Special diets

We provide special diet options based on medical grounds on the basis of a medical certificate.

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