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Resident and patient meals

Regular meals and good nutrition are essential not only for the residents of comprehensive service centres and service homes and hospital patients but also for their staff and other customers. Meal times also serve as a source of enjoyment and a social event.

For customers covered by the home meal service, lunch covers a part of the daily energy and nutritional needs.

We plan our meals and menus based on our customers’ preferences and special needs, with particular focus on the tastiness and texture of the food, sufficient energy and protein intake and the number of meals.

Delicious traditional dishes

We favour Finnish ingredients. In addition to tastiness and healthiness, we place particular emphasis on the safety of our food. All our recipes are tested in our own product development kitchen.

We provide traditional Finnish meals to our customers at home as well as in hospitals, service homes, comprehensive service centres and housing units.


The restaurants located in comprehensive service centres and service homes are open to all.

Services for residents of service centres, service homes and hospitals

In comprehensive service centres, service homes and hospitals, meals are a key part of the residents’ around-the-clock care and well-being.

Special diets in hospitals and centres for the elderly

Our principles for implementing special diets are established in cooperation with the experts from the City of Helsinki Department of Social Services and Health Care.