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Playground meals

Foto: Sirpa Päivinen

Snacks at schools’ afternoon activities

Playgrounds offer snacks for children participating in the afternoon activities when schools are open. Persons with food allergies should always check the food’s suitability on the site.

You can find the snack menus of playgrounds on the Menus of schools and daycare centres page. 

The COVID-situation may cause changes and special arrangements in the playground activities and food services. The playgrounds provide more information about any changes.

Playground meals in summer 2022

Helsinki’s tradition to serve meals free of charge to everyone under 16 years at its playgrounds during summer will be 80 years old this summer. Meals are available every working day at noon, from 6 June to 10 August 2022 at playgrounds that are open (excluding Loru/Central Library Oodi).

The playground meal activities will start in about 40 playgrounds throughout Helsinki after school ends for the summer.

See the map of open playgrounds 

You do not need to register for the free summer meals, but please do bring your own soup plate, cutlery and water bottle.

Playground meal menu in summer 2022 (in Finnish)

The weekly playground menus and detailed ingredient lists are available at:

The playground meal menus have been compiled in cooperation with the Education Division using foods suitable for hot deliveries. We have also paid attention to customers’ feedback in the menu planning. This year, the menu includes more traditional everyday dishes and food suitable for vegetarians and vegans, based on customers’ wishes.

For more information, please also read Playground summer meals page.

Summer meals for children for the past 80 years

The free meals offered at Helsinki playgrounds are a long-term tradition and a unique public service in the entire world. Public food distribution stared in 1942, in the middle of a war, when food shortage tormented most people in Helsinki. The City wanted to offer children at least one warm meal a day.

Today this service makes the everyday life of families easier. People in Helsinki enjoy 1,400 kilograms of playground meals every summer.