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Menus and themes


Day care centre meals are based on a six-week rotating menu. Seasonal holidays, such as Independence Day, Christmas, Easter and May Day provide variety to everyday meals. In addition to this, canteens offer themed dishes based on various culinary themes introducing the children to different eating habits, healthy meals and various culinary cultures and flavours.

Day care centres may also organise Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents’ Day celebrations, which can include, for example, breakfast offered to visitors.

Menus at

Day care menus are available at The menus can also be viewed on mobile devices.

To find the desired day care menu, choose the category and the restaurant. The menu can be printed directly from the browser. The Info button next to each dish provides relevant nutrition content and product information. Special diets should be confirmed with the kitchen in question.

The menus are also displayed on the day care centre information boards.

The English, Russian and Somali language menus under the links are translated basic menus. They do not contain changes due to, for example, seasonal holidays and theme days.