REST API for City of Helsinki Service Map

Terms of Use

Information from the REST interface of the service map may be used in accordance with the terms of use of the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license.

Image of the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license

You may: With the following terms:

Notice: Pictures of the sculptures and public art cannot be used for commercial purposes. This information can be found from unit objects picture_caption_ fields.

Use of the REST API

The REST API offers your own web-applications easy access to the data content of the City of Helsinki Service Map. The REST API is implemented using principles of REST architecture. Data can be queried in JSON or XML formats.

Feedback about the REST API

We appreciate your feedback about the REST API and we are excited to know how your are using our REST API in your projects. You can send your feedback to and

Current Version of the REST API

Version 4

See also: TPR Service Description Register REST API

Version history

9th of June 2011 - First version

12th of October 2011 - Units accessibility senteces added to the unit data model

6th of March 2012 - Second version

May 2017 - Fourth version for the needs of City of Helsinki new organization