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Are you looking for a hobby or something new to do? Browse through the hundreds of free or inexpensive activities at Harrastushaku (“Hobby Search”) and find one that is perfect for you!

Activities include engine repair, taekwondo, bike maintenance, karting, band camps, football, animal care, rap workshops, upcycling clothes, song writing, dance, theatre, photography, visual arts, ceramics, filmmaking courses, kickboxing, pool, yoga, indoor climbing, DJ courses and lots more! Click yourself over to Harrastushaku and join a hobby!

The hobbies listed below can be found at different youth centres and the City’s other facilities. Would you be interested in any of the hobbies listed below? Click on the links to see which youth centres organise the activities you are interested in. You can find these at Harrastushaku, too.

Animal care & nature in Helsinki 
Arts and handicrafts in Helsinki
Dance in Helsinki
Media and games in Helsinki
Mopeds and trafic in Helsinki
Music in Helsinki
Skateboarding in Helsinki
Social influence in Helsinki
Theatre in Helsinki

Find, try out, influence!

Operaatio Pulssi offers hobbies, courses and events free of charge to people aged 12–18 in Malminkartano, Kannelmäki, Haaga, Pukinmäki, Malmi and Tapanila. All the activities at Pulssi are designed according to the young people’s wishes. So please share your thoughts and tell us what you would like to experience, see or do! Through Pulssi, you can have an influence on the operation of youth centres, libraries and cultural centres, to name a few. (in Finnish)

Annantalo is a place of many art forms

Are you under 19 years old, from Helsinki, and interested in animation, architecture, dance, theatre, visual arts, ceramics, textile art, literature, comics, photography or making graphic art with traditional methods?

Annantalo offers many art forms, and its programme contains activities for children and young people year round: art courses in various fields, workshops, performances, events and exhibitions.

In summer 2017, the new A.lava, which continues the popular Summer park activities, will begin operating on the building’s grounds (Kansakoulunkuja’s side) and providing young people with things to do throughout the summer, though mainly focusing on June and August.

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