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Vaihto-opiskelijat lukuvuonna 2018–2019 

A Year In Finland

What can I say, I’m nearing the end of my exchange and here I am writing about my time in Finland during this year… Writing this has been hard because it reminded me of so many unforgettable memories…

First let's take it back to the start, before my exchange. My fascination for Finland first came about whilst reading the daily newspaper. As I was reading this one page, my eyes were instantly hooked on “Why Finland Puts Everyone to Shame” in big bold. I thought it was really interesting, Finland was never a country I even thought about. Most people in my town had never even heard of it. The more I read, the more i became more interested and looked into it more during my own time. To think that people on the other side of the globe get free food in school, less homework and being able to use laptops and mobile phones in class and best of all, no boring, bland school uniform. A chance to see the northern lights and see snow for the first time; It sounded like a dream. I don’t think people in Finland realise how great all of these things sound for a person like me who lives Australia…
Before learning about Finland I never thought of myself ever being an exchange. My parents brought it up one day and I so, I thought about a lot of countries, Japan, Brazil, but ultimately my first choice would be Finland. I have big dreams and I felt like going to school there would really be beneficial to me.


After 30+ hours of flying and waiting on the airport I arrived in Vantaa Airport with a bunch of other Australians on January 28th. (I know this sounds super cliche) I was extremely tired from the traveling but as soon as we landed I was so full of energy and excitement. Seeing snow outside for the first time was amazing for me at the time. It was only -5 degrees at the time but it was already the coldest temperature I’ve ever been in. Coming from the warm sunny beaches of Australia It took me quite a while to get used to the cold.


I want to talk about my first day at school…First of all, to me it didn’t even feel like school at all. It was really weird for me at first seeing no one in school uniform. It was also pretty quiet inside and outside of class compared to school in Australia. There’s no hooligans running around being rowdy in the halls so that was nice. It didn’t take long at all for me to make friends. I knew of the stereotype about Finnish people antisocial and introverted but it was quite the opposite for most people once you actually got to know them. I also found the free lunch to be great, although the food wasn’t always great I didn’t know why everyone was always complaining since it’s free… I also really liked how students use laptops in class instead of the traditional pen and paper, It’s much better and easier. I also found that most of my teachers were fairly easy-going, friendly and didn’t always seem like your ‘enemy’ unlike some of my teachers in Australia. Sometimes my teachers in Australia would care more about correct school uniform rather than my education…

Most of the time I didn’t understand what was going on in class if the teacher didn’t speak english so most my “schoolwork” was me translating everything… So I really appreciated when teachers spoke english during class.

I’m pretty happy about my school year, I really appreciate the famous ‘Finnish School System’ and I would’ve loved to study here longer.

Highlights during the year

I think My first few months in Finland were the best. My first host family took me to Kuusamo, northern Finland. I saw and ate reindeer for the first time, they also took me snowboarding in Ruka ski resort which was an awesome experience.

I know this isn’t in Finland, but I travelled quite a lot during exchange, I went to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. It was nice seeing more of Europe.

And recently, in November I went to Lapland with most of the exchange students in Finland. We pretty much did everything you could do at Lapland. Rode reindeers and huskies, skii/snowboarded, sauna, learnt about the Sami people and even met a few.


One of my main reasons for exchange was to go somewhere completely different from home. I think I Finland was polar opposite to Australia, climate, people, nature, cities, towns and that’s pretty much why I came here. The only thing I haven't done in Finland is seeing the northern lights. I’ll definitely come back to see them. And everyone else of course. Kiitos paljon suomesta!

Gerard Castillo

Vaihto-opiskelijat lukuvuonna 2017–2018 


My name is Liana and I am 18 years old. I am an exchange student from Belgium and I live in Antwerp (in the north of Belgium). My mother tongue is Dutch but I also speak English, French and Portuguese. Before I came to Medialukio I was a little bit stressed because I didn’t know anybody and I couldn’t speak any Finnish word so I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to adopt myself at a  Finnish high school. Not only stress played a role at my first days at school I also felt excited to meet new people and to learn new things. I didn’t expect that people came to me the first days because Finnish people are known as shy, timid and introvert persons but actually it went quite well and I liked that I wasn’t alone the whole time.

Dans ma première période j’ai choisi cinq cours : les maths, l’anglais, l’éducation physique, la psychologie et un projet. Pendant les cours ce n’était pas facile de suivre ce que les profs ont dit parce que c’était tout en finnois. Heureusement il y avait des camarades de classe qui m’ont aidé à traduire les choses. Le système éducatif est complètement différent que le système éducatif belge. Par exemple, en Belgique je devais choisir une direction, j’ai suivi l’économie-science. En Finlande on ne choisit pas une direction, là j’ai la possibilité de choisir mes propres cours. Les profs finlandais sont plus relaxes que les profs que j’avais en Belgique. Ils sont moins sévères.

It’s very nice to get to know the difference between the Finnish education and the Belgian. It has enriched my view.



Vaihto-opiskelijat lukuvuonna 2015–2016

Lukuvuonna 2015–2016 koulussamme opiskelee kaksi vaihto-opiskelijaa: Robert Echevarria Castillo Venezuelasta ja Pong Ongkabin Thaimaasta. Vaihto-opiskelijoiden haastattelun voit lukea pian verkkolehdestämme.

Vaihto-opiskelijat lukuvuonna 2014–2015

Lukuvuonna 2014–2015 koulussamme opiskeli kaksi vaihto-opiskelijaa: Luis Meksikosta ja Annalee Yhdysvalloista. Alta voit lukea, millaisia ajatuksia ja terveisiä he meille kirjoittivat vaihto-opiskeluvuotensa lopuksi keväällä 2015.

Luis Elizondo (Mexico)

Hi, I’m Luis Elizondo, a 17-year-old YFU exchange student from Mexico, Nuevo León.

I am currently studying in Helsingin medialukio and I’ve been here since the start of the 2014 academic year, in this school I’ve taken several classes, all of them really good, with good classmates and also really good teachers whom take the time to help me since I don’t speak Finnish that good, yet.

Here I’ve had the chance to see how the school year go and it has been quite amusing from wanhat to penkkarit, all of this pleasantly surprising and fun.

Some people wonder why someone from a really faraway place as México comes to a so different place like Finland. I came to Finland because since I was a kid I was interested in the Nordic countries and the one I had heard the best things was Finland, from the impressive levels of education to the stable economy as a country inside the European union. I always saw Finland as a place that seemed unbelievable with the cold, cold, cold winters, the dark period and the really shiny summer, all of these things turned out to be true when I got the chance to see it myself and to this day I always amuse myself learning new things and getting surprised by the Finnish culture!

Luis Elizondo (Mexico)












 Annalee Sekulic (USA)

Over nine months have pasted since I found out I was going to be living in Finland. Now, with only three months till I fly back to the states, I could not have imagined myself anywhere else.

My name is Annalee Sekulic. I am seventeen years old and I come from Wakeman, Ohio, USA – A small farm town of a thousand. I always wanted to see the world, like most kids do. But not only to see it, but to find a bit of understanding along with it. When people ask, why Finland? I have never found the right answer to this. I mean, Finland is an interesting place - tough language, tough winters - Not many people's first choice. I get it now though: Finland is not one of those countries which you cannot spend a week or even a few months and understand. It takes time. And throughout that time, I have seen the most beautiful things.

I attend Helsingin Medialukio. This school has many differences from mine in the states. The obvious ones – taught in Finnish, different schedule set up, more flexibility – and the not-so-obvious ones: the honest kindness of the classmates, the understanding and compassion from the teachers. This year I experienced my first floorball game and of course the wanhat. I saw what a "Finnish sauna" was and tasted the traditional Finnish "delicacy"... mämmi (ei kiitos). All the experiences have opened my eyes to the natural beauty of Finnish culture.

I fly back soon. I have learned much about Finland. I have also learned much of the States than I would have imagined I would have. And for that, for a new perspective on my country, is a gift.

I am thankful for this year- the people I have met, the adventures which ensued, and the knowledge which I have gained.
I am thankful for Finland.

Kiitos kaikille!


Jo perinteeksi muodostunut Rooma-leirikoulu pidettiin lokakuussa 2014. Kurssilla opiskelijat tekivät Rooman historiaa käsittelevää sähköistä kirjaa. Opiskelijoilla oli oma vastuuaihe, ja työt tehtiin ennen Roomaan lähtöä. Kuvat sähköiseen kirjaan otettiin Roomassa.

Rooman leirikoulu kesti yhdeksän päivää ja siihen sisältyi retki Napoliin ja Pompeijiin. Kullakin päivällä oli oma teemansa, tosin antiikin Rooma vei ajasta suurimman osan. Antiikkikierroksilla tutustuttiin Forum Romanumiin, Colosseumiin, Circus Maximumiin, akvedukteihin, Pantheoniin jne. Myös renessanssi, barokki ja kirkkokierros saivat oman päivänsä. Barokkikierroksella opiskelijat suunnistivat itse Ipadeihin ladatun heiJoe-sovelluksen avulla viiteen eri kohteeseen ja tutkivat barokin piirteiden ilmenemistä Roomassa.

Opiskelijoita Roomassa oli 16: kahdeksan tyttöä ja kahdeksan poikaa. Opettajina toimivat historian opettajat Kimmo Päivärinta ja Laura Vuorela.

Rooman-leirikoulusta voit lukea lisää verkkolehdestämme.

Colosseumin edessä










Opintomatka Krakovaan

Koulumme Kansanvainokurssi kävi keväällä 2015 viisipäiväisellä opintomatkalla Puolan Krakovassa. Matkan aikana tutustuttiin kaupunkiin muun muassa kaupunkisuunnistuksen avulla, koulun Ipadeja apuna käyttäen. Ryhmä teki päiväretken Auschwitziin ja Birkenauhun, ja muina päivinä tutustuttiin Krakovan historiaan ja nähtävyyksiin.

Lue lisää verkkolehdestämme Melua & asiaa...

Historian opettajan vierailu Etelä-Koreaan

Joulukuussa 2014 Medialukion historian opettajalle tarjoutui mahdollisuus opintomatkaan Etelä-Koreaan. Viikon aikana kansainvälinen ryhmä osallistui useisiin luentotilaisuuksiin ja kiertokäynteihin, vierailuun autotehtaalle sekä Pohjois-Korean rajalle.

Matkan tarkoituksena oli tutustuttaa osanottajia Korean historiaan ja kulttuuriin, talouselämään ja teollisuuteen. Osallistujia oli Suomen lisäksi Tsekistä, Bulgariasta, Intiasta, Ghanasta, Chilestä ja Kolumbiasta. Kansainvälisyys oli käsin kosketeltavaa ja Korean kulttuuri oli kaikille osallistujille uutta. Avartava ja opettavainen kokemus antoi lisää tietoa ja kokemusta Korean moninaisesta kulttuurista ja historiasta, jota voi suoraan hyödyntää lukion Aasian kulttuurien ja historian opetuksessa.

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