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Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts

In Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts you can complete either a media-oriented or a general study option.

Our operating culture emphasizes the cooperation between teachers and students, and the fact that we expect everyone to work hard and do their best.

The teaching emphasizes coping in society and necessary skills in one´s life. The goal is to develop students’ thinking, problem-solving skills and also their cooperation with each other. In learning, the main points are information retrieval, information and technology skills and their critical assessment.

We study media here! For our media studies program we choose only 60 students a year, but everyone can participate in our media courses if there is room in the groups. For example you can study script writing, radio or television work, movies and how they are made or even being a reporter, in other words anything media-related. Whether you are interested in technology, performing, influencing or investigating, you will find the best choice of courses that suit you from our large course selection.

There are over forty different media-related courses available – more than in any other school in Finland!

In Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Media Arts you can accomplish a media-, art-, music or physical education diploma.

In this school you can study these languages:

  • A-language (advanced): Swedish, English and German, French and Russian in collaboration with two other schools (kampus II)
  • B1-language (upper intermediate): Swedish
  • B2-language (intermediate): German and French
  • B3-language (lower intermediate): German, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian
  • German, French and Latin B3-languages groups are combined with the B2-language groups.

A language group will be set up if at least 12 students have chosen the language in question.

Media studies

Education emphasizes communication education a.k.a media literacy. It is a skill to acquire, analyze and handle information in a critical way. The world of media is approached from different angles with many different media courses. Courses are connected closely with several subjects, for example Finnish, history, social studies, arts, other languages, information technology, psychology and music.

Students have to include at least ten media courses (three of them compulsory) in their academic program. Media studies contain a drama program, social program and information technology program which you can choose depending on your media skills and how you understand the world of media. Students will get a separate certificate with their leaving certificate for their media studies.

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