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International activities

Urban agenda

The EU’s Urban Agenda is a partner programme that aims to manage the integration of incoming migrants and refugees (extra-EU) and to provide a framework for their inclusion. This covers housing, integration, provision of public services, social inclusion, education, and labour market measures.The Partnership focuses on five themes: housing, community building & reception, education, work, and the crosscutting theme of vulnerable groups.

Taking part in the project are Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin and Helsinki, and on a state level Denmark, Greece, Italy and Portugal. In addition, the following are also taking part: the European Commission, CEMR, the European Investment Bank, Eurocities, ECRE, MPG and Urbact. The network meets four times a year.

Contact information:

Head of Immigrant and Employment Services Ilkka Haahtela
ilkka.haahtela(at), tel. +358 (0)40 125 9887

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The agenda

The migration and integration working group of the Eurocities network

The City of Helsinki is part of the Eurocities network.  The network consists of 130 cities and 70 partner cities. The operational area covers 130 million residents in 35 countries. Six theme-specific networks and working groups operate within the organisation. The organisation promotes the cities’ interests in the EU and highlights themes concerning immigration.

The City of Helsinki is the chair of the migration and integration working group, which has 34 members. The goal is to support cities in their integration efforts. The network operates on a local, national and EU level, and between several administrative sectors. The working group actively distributes information and takes part in mentoring and peer learning projects. Peer learning has taken place in the following projects: INTI-Cities, DIVE, MIXITIES and ImpleMentoring. The cities interact with the EU level as part of the Integrating Cities process. The working group meets twice a year, affects EU-level policies and participates in mentoring. The member cities in the working group and the Eurocities secretariat also participate in the EU’s Urban Agenda process.

Contact information:

Senior Planning Officer Anu Riila
anu.riila(at), tel. +358 (0)40 334 1815

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The Eurocities network

The Migration and integration working group


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