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Integration policy advisers

Who are we and what do we do?

We are a team working on the preparation and planning of the City’s immigration services. We are part of the Economic Development Division and the Immigration and Employment Service unit of the Executive Office.

Our team’s duties

Integration policy advisers services´ include

  • management, development, preparation and coordination of Helsinki’s immigration services
  • expert support for the city administration in immigration matters 
  • supporting the launch and realisation of immigration projects
  • monitoring the City’s immigration services on a local, national and European level

Advocacy work on integration

  • promoting the interests of the City’s immigration services
  • advocacy work on integration in various networks 

We work in co-operation with the City of Helsinki’s departments and other organisations that operate in Helsinki. Our partners include the Helsinki Metropolitan Area cities, the state, associations, companies, educational institutions and European cities.

Contact us

Ilkka Haahtela, Head of Immigration and Employment Services unit

  • Immigration and employment management

Elina Nurmi, Senior advisor

  • Team Leader
  • International House Helsinki

Laura Kyntölä, Senior Planning Officer

  • Civic engagement and cooperation with NGO´s
  • Free time and leasure and housing
  • inequality and wellbeing

Miila Lukkarinen, Senior Planning Officer

  • Immigrant employment
  • Business co-operation

Ulla Juhanko, Senior Planning Officer

  • Immigrant employment
  • Educatuion services for immigrants

More information

The Economic Development Division (in Finnish)

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