Suoraan sisältöön

Learning Swedish

Everyone is allowed to and can learn Swedish. You can choose either Swedish or Finnish as your integration language. If you pick Finnish, you can still study Swedish alongside it. The City of Helsinki offers inexpensive courses that you can attend. There are many Swedish courses at many different levels.

Find a course for you

If you don’t know any Swedish, pick a course for beginners. If you already know a little Swedish but you aren’t sure which course is right for you, ask the organiser.

On the website you can find courses in Swedish. There is a link underneath the search bar for Finnish courses: ‘Swedish language courses in the Helsinki region – Kurser i svenska språket i Helsingforsregionen’. Here you will also find information about courses that are not arranged by the adult education institutes. There is no information here about courses arranged by the TE Services.

On the website you will find all the courses in Swedish that are arranged by adult education institutes in the capital region.  

A vocation and Swedish language

Do you want to study Swedish and learn a profession at the same time? You can ask your TE Office about courses. You can also ask the adult education institute (Arbis) in Helsinki if a course is currently being taught where you can learn Swedish and a profession.

Swedish for stay-at-home parents

Are you a stay-at-home parent? Do you want to learn Swedish? Arbis in Helsinki offers courses in Swedish for the parents, and childcare for the children. You can attend a course while a childcare worker takes care of your child at Arbis. Ask at the Arbis office in Helsinki if there are any open slots.

Arbis in Helsinki’s Swedish courses

Arbis in Helsinki offers several Swedish courses. Some courses have lessons every day, whilst others have lessons once or twice a week. You can find all the Arbis courses at You can also contact us.

More information

Arbis in Helsinki

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