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Associations can get many types of support from the City. The City of Helsinki gives financial aid to associations. Associations can also rent facilities from the City.

In addition, the City offers special services to associations that work with immigrants.

Associations can get:

  • integration grant
  • advice on how to apply for the City’s grants
  • information on how to cooperate with the City

Associations can also subscribe to the newsletter, which provides information on the City’s services and current events.

Subscribe to the newsletter by filling in this form or by sending email to Senior Planning Officer Laura Kyntölä (laura.kyntola(at)

Cooperation with immigrant associations is coordinated by the Economic Development Division of the City Executive Office.

Contact information

Integration grant for associations

The Helsinki City Executive Office awards grants to associations for the realisation of the objectives of the City of Helsinki Integration Programme. Integration grants are awarded annually based on the various themes of the Integration Programme.  

Integration grant for associations


Registered associations in Helsinki can apply for the City’s grants for associations (järjestöavustukset). Grants are awarded for various purposes.

Grants for associations


The City of Helsinki has plenty of facilities that associations can either use for free or rent.

Facilities for associations

Volunteer work

Helsinki residents of all ages can take part in volunteer work (vapaaehtoistoiminta) organised by the City. You can take part in child sponsorship or become a sport or a culture mentor ora volunteer at a youth centre.

Volunteer work

06.03.2020 13:49


You can work as a volunteer, for example with children or young people.


Every year, the City issues grants to organisations, communities and resident groups based in Helsinki.

Resident facilities

Resident facilities can be found around the City. You can rent these for your own use.

Neighbourhood stations

Neighbourhood stations are located around Helsinki. They serve various resident groups as meeting spaces and club rooms.


Through Varaamo, you can reserve public premises and equipment for your own use.


You can use the City of Helsinki’s e-services around the clock.