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Activities for the young

Youth centres

Youth centres (nuorisotalot) offer activities for young people. Youth centres are located around Helsinki. You can visit a youth centre if you are between 9 and 18 years old.

At the youth centre, you can

  • see your friends
  • attend a club meeting
  • play games
  • go on a day trip
  • take part in camps.

The youth centres always have adults present to guide you. Smoking and drinking alcohol are not permitted at the youth centres.

At the youth centre, you can think up things to do with others. At some youth centres, you can do theatre, play music or dance. Sometimes the activities are aimed at girls or boys in particular.

All young people who live in Helsinki can visit the youth centres. The youth workers at the youth centres are happy to invite parents to join in the activities. Adults can volunteer at the youth centres.

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Youth Centres

Facilities and equipment

Young people’s groups can book facilities at the youth centres. The facilities can be used to hold meetings, events and other occasions.

In addition, you can borrow equipment like megaphones, lights and microphones for your events. You can also borrow camping gear, like binoculars, backpacks and tents.

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Equipment (in Finnish)

Young people's Helsinki


Helsinki and the Metropolitan Area offer young people a wide range of hobbies to get involved in. Hobbies are available after school or on weekends.

Most hobbies are free or inexpensive. Many hobby instructors speak English or other languages. You can ask an instructor about their language skills. In Helsinki, you can do arts, make music, skateboard, take care of animals or play console games, for example among other things.

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Helsinki hosts many big and small events for young people. Most of these events are free of charge. Small events are held at youth centres, for example among other places. Big events often have a theme, such as dance, theatre or social participation.

The Reaktori event is held during the schools’ winter holiday. Reaktori offers a variety of activities for young people, including sports, arts and games.

At the Loistefestari festival, young people themselves get to perform. Young people can arrange theatre, music or dance performances.

RuutiExpo is an event organised by the young people’s participation channel Ruuti.  At RuutiExpo, young people can participate, learn, comment on matters related to the City, and have fun.

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Activities for young immigrants

The City of Helsinki offers a lot of services and activities for young people. Sometimes the activities are aimed at young immigrants. Youth workers meet young people out in the city. They guide young people in finding key services and hobbies. Young immigrants can also receive support in their everyday lives and studies.

Activities for young immigrants

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Tyttöjen talo

You can come to Tyttöjen Talo (Girls' Centre) if you are a girl or a young woman aged 10 to 28 years. Tyttöjen Talo also offers hobby groups and sexual health advice.

Poikien talo

You can come to Poikien Talo (Boys' Centre) if you are a boy or a young man aged 10 to 28 years. Poikien Talo also offers hobby groups, workshops and sexual health advice.


At Luotsi, you can get support with various life situations and gain new experiences, find friends of a similar age and get help from your own advisor.


Ohjaamo helps you plan your future, find a study place or work, get an apartment and learn coping skills.

Sports for children and young people

Helsinki offers children and young people a wide range of sports and exercise opportunities.