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Vocational education and training

After comprehensive school, you can continue your studies through vocational education and training (ammatillinen koulutus) or a general upper secondary school (lukio). Vocational upper secondary education and training qualifies you for a certain profession. That is why the instruction is practical in nature. Adults can also study for a new profession or supplement their skills.

Preparatory education

In preparatory education (valmentava koulutus), you will get the competences you need to apply for vocational upper secondary education and training.

Preparatory education for vocational training

Finnish language support

You can improve your Finnish language skills while learning a profession at Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute (Stadin aikuisopisto).

Finnish language support in vocational education and training

A vocation and Finnish language

You can take part in POLKU or BAANA training if you want to study Finnish and learn a profession at the same time.

A vocation and Finnish language

Helsinki Skills Center

The Helsinki Skills Center (Stadin osaamiskeskus) offers rehabilitation, education and employment services to immigrants who are over 17 years old and live in Helsinki. You can use the Skills Center services if you are a customer of the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto) or  social services (sosiaalitoimisto).

Helsinki Skills Center

Apprenticeship training

You can study for a profession through apprenticeship training (oppisopimus). During apprenticeship training, you will work and study at the same time. You can also get support and help with your studies and learning Finnish.

Apprenticeship training

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Application to vocational upper secondary education

You can apply to vocational upper secondary education using the joint application process.

Vocational education institutions in Helsinki

You can get vocational education throughout Helsinki.

Student assistance and support

You can get assistance and support with your studies and wellbeing at a vocational education institution.