Non-subsidised housing

Stadin asunnot also allocates the non-subsidised rental apartments owned by the city. The tenant selection of non-subsidised housing is not regulated by law, and the rents of the apartments are slightly higher than the rents of Heka apartments. 

You can apply for a rental apartment via the city's e-services by using online banking identification or a mobile certificate. You can edit your application later via e-services.

  • The housing applications are submitted via
  • The apartments are owned by Asuntohankinta, Auroranlinna, and the Urban Environment Division's Premises Services.
  • A deposit is charged for some of the apartments and/or they have a fixed-term lease agreement of five (5) years. 
  • We offer housing for applicants with a good credit rating and a regular income sufficient for paying the rent.
  • The housing is located in different parts of Helsinki. It usually involves individual apartments owned by the city in regular housing companies.



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