Heka housing

Stadin asunnot offers rental apartments owned by the City of Helsinki, most of which are owned by Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy (Heka). Other owners include Oy Helsingin Asuntohankinta Ab and Helsingin Korkotukiasunnot.

  • The average rent per square metre for the apartments is 11,69 € / month (2019).
  • Wealth limits are applied in the tenant selection.
  • No deposits or other securities are charged.

We allocate approximately 3,000 rental apartments per year. We choose the tenants based on the applicants’ need for housing, meaning that there is no housing queue. There are apartments available in almost all parts of Helsinki.

The apartments owned by Heka, Asuntohankinta and Korkotukiasunnot are ARA rental apartments built using state subsidies, and their tenant selection is regulated by law.


14.05.2019 09:16