Renovation of Finlandia Hall

The City of Helsinki has begun the project planning for the renovation of Finlandia Hall. Based on the preliminary schedule, the renovation is set to be carried out during 2021–2024.

Finlandia-talo Töölönlahden puiston suunnalta. Kuva otettu heinäkuussa 2016.

The public tendering for the principal and architectural design of the renovation project was announced in February 2016, and the contract is set to be awarded in autumn 2016. The tendering is being carried out in accordance with the EU tendering procedure for public contracts.

Project planning of the renovation underway

The Real Estate Department's Premises Centre has already begun the planning of the renovation project, which is being carried out by an extensive working group consisting of a number of the city's administrative branches and other operators.

The project will encompass the renovation of the building, originally completed in 1971, and the modernisation of technical building services, the roof and the facade. In regard to the marble facade, alternative building materials will also be reviewed. In addition to this, the project may include the modernisation of the building's presentation technologies, as well as alterations to the premises required for developing operations.

Finlandia Hall is protected based on the Act on the Protection of the Built Heritage. Because of this, the modernisation will be planned and carried out in collaboration with the National Board of Antiquities and the Alvar Aalto Foundation.

Finlandia-talo Mannerheimintien puolelta. Kuva otettu heinäkuussa 2016.

The renovation project will also involve a study intended to determine the best possible building material for the facade. While the current facade is made out of marble, other options will also be considered. The study will be carried out by a multidisciplinary working group established for this purpose. The choice of material for the facade will ultimately be decided by the City Council as part of the project decision, which is estimated to be made in 2018.

Finlandia Hall to continue operating as normal

The renovation will be carried out in multiple stages, so that parts of the building will remain available for use at all times. As a result, the operation and services of Finlandia Hall will continue uninterrupted throughout the modernisation project.

16.02.2018 14:06