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Sports Society Parliament

Information about Helsingin seuraparlamentti
Founded in 2009, the Helsingin seuraparlamentti, or Helsinki Club Parliament, is a cooperation body for Helsinki-based sports clubs, interacting with the City of Helsinki sports services.

It is an expert body involved in the City of Helsinki’s decision making regarding club activity matters, but it does not have the power to make decisions itself.

The key aim of the Parliament is to strengthen the position of the entire sports culture in Helsinki. It also aims to strengthen cooperation between clubs and sports services in issues concerning club activities.

The Parliament can also promote cooperation between the City of Helsinki’s different administrative departments to improve sports.

The role of the Parliament is to produce a common overview for Sports Services of the key matters affecting clubs’ activities in city decision making. The active Parliament comes up with new activities, takes initiatives, and develops cooperation further.

The Parliament is formed of the Chairman and ten members. The Parliament selects a Vice Chairman from its members. The Parliament has a secretary, who works in cooperation with clubs and the Sports Department. Representatives from the Sports Committee and the Sports Department are invited to meetings when necessary. The Parliament’s term is two years. The terms of half of the members expire each year. It meets 4–6 times a year.

The Parliament is selected in an open meeting of the clubs. Each club has one vote. A nominating committee may be used in the election.

Promoting diversity is an aim when selecting the members of the Parliament: including for example, clerical workers and persons elected to a position of trust, individual and group sports, world-class sport and health-related sport, sport for children and young people, sports for special groups, and Etelä-Suomen Liikunta ja Urheilu. An equal number of men and women is aimed for.

Helsingin seuraparlamentti website (in Finnish)