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All indoor sports facilities of the City of Helsinki, including exercise areas and school gyms, will be closed due to coronavirus restrictions 31.1.2021. All organised leisure activities held indoors will be cancelled. 

Outdoor sports facilities will be available to residents when children’s and young people’s activities are not held. Supervision and the presence of youth instructors will be increased at outdoor facilities. Changing rooms and maintenance buildings will remain closed.

School sports will be arranged outdoors and at the school’s facilities, but not at other sports facilities.



The City's Sports Services manage about 70 sports halls or gyms, including three ice rinks, four swimming halls and one horse riding stable. 
Indoor sports facilities

The City's Sports Services offer a comprehensive range of outdoors sports opportunities, including sports parks and fields, local sports facilities, outdoor swimming pools, public beaches, tennis courts, jogging tracks, ice-skating rinks, artificial ice rinks, ski tracks and winter swimming facilities. 
Outdoor sports facilities

Sports Services' sports instructors supervise exercise groups that require special competence and professional competence, intended for people of all ages and fitness levels, in several locations all over Helsinki.
Exercise courses

Sports services to support well-being, including neighbourhood sports, fitness tests, personal fitness programmes at gyms, fitness equipment guidance, sports information, instructions and brochures.
Sports services to support wellbeing

Helsinki-based sports and athletics clubs organise activities for many different sports. Sports and special associations may apply for financial support for their operations.
Sports clubs

Many Sports Services' sports facilities and the gyms of the Education Sector's schools can be reserved for use. 
Reservation of sports facilities