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Rules and regulations for indoor sports facilities

Rules and regulations for indoor sports facilities managed by the Helsinki

1 Facilities are intended primarily for sporting use.

2 Each practice or competition must have a supervising person named by the orderer of the turn to monitor compliance with these rules and regulations.

3 The dressing and shower period at the beginning and end of each turn is generally 15 minutes.

4 The key to the dressing room can be obtained from the supervisor or ticket office and must be returned at the end of the turn.

5 Facilities may not be used by persons under the influence of intoxicating substances.

6 Outdoor shoes may not be worn inside facilities.

7 Users may not bring breakable items or chew gum in facilities.

8 Individuals may use facilities at their own risk and are responsible for the storage of clothing and other property at facilities. Any found items should be turned over to staff.

9 Equipment must be returned to its proper place after use. Damage must be reported to staff immediately.

10 A person or organization that violates these rules and regulations or does not follow instructions or orders given by staff can be required to leave facilities or can be banned from using facilities for a set period.

11 In addition to these rules and regulations, supplementary instructions can be issued at individual facilities.

In effect as of 1 November 1996