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Instructions for using the beaches

Instructions for using the beaches of the City of Helsinki

(20 June 2019)

- Always behave appropriately and take others into consideration at the beach.

- Holding recreational events, peddling goods or services, advertising and shooting commercial photos or videos without permission at the beach is prohibited.

- Driving motor vehicles is only allowed on roads designated for the purpose.
The area marked with buoys is only intended for swimming. Landing at the beach with a stand-up paddleboard, a canoe, a kayak or a rowing boat is allowed in the area marked at the edge of the beach.

- Building a fire is only allowed in the barbecue grills built for the purpose.
At Kallahdenniemi beach, building a fire is also allowed on the metal tables reserved for the purpose. You are obligated to handle the fire carefully and prevent it from spreading.
Barbecue coals and disposable grills posing a fire hazard must be placed in the containers reserved for them. When a forest fire warning has been issued, building a fire is prohibited altogether.

- Disturbing or indecent behaviour at the beach is prohibited.

- Always protect the environment at the beach. Place your trash in designated collection bins. Felling or harming trees, stepping on planted areas or harming the vegetation is prohibited. Be especially careful not to disturb birds or harm their nests.

- Bringing dogs or other animals to the beach area is prohibited.

- You use the beach at your own responsibility and you are responsible for your belongings.
Any defective exercise equipment or playthings must not be used. If you notice an instance of equipment failure or vandalism, please notify the City’s staff immediately.

- There is a designated smoking area at the beach.

- All ordinances and safety instructions and provisions given by the staff must be adhered to.