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Rules and regulations for beaches

Rules and regulations for beaches managed by the Helsinki

1 Orderliness, tidiness and decent behaviour are required at beaches.

2 Arranging public meetings and entertainment, peddling and advertising without permission are prohibited at beaches.

3 Driving motor vehicles and other vehicles and horse riding are prohibited except on roads and paths intended for this purpose. Boats, canoes and other such equipment may not be used in the area inside buoys. The unnecessary use of a lifesaving boat is strictly forbidden.

4 Different sports are allowed in places reserved for them or at times reserved for them. Weight-lifting and other equipment must be returned to its proper place after use. Damaged equipment must be reported to staff immediately.

5 Making a fire is only allowed in shelters built for this purpose or using a camp stove. Everyone must handle fire with special care and prevent it from spreading.

6 All waste must be collected and placed in bins. Breaking bottles or other glass objects at beaches is forbidden. Showers should not be left running.

7 Users of beaches should not disturb other people or behave indecently or appear under the influence of intoxicating substances. Between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am making noise, singing and playing music are not allowed.

8 Users of beaches should protect the environment. Cutting or damaging trees, picking flowers, treading on plants or otherwise disturbing vegetation is not allowed. Particularly avoid disturbing birds or damaging their nests.

9 Dogs, cats and other pets are not allowed on beaches or in children's playgrounds.

10 Individuals may use beaches at their own risk and are responsible for the storage of clothing and other property. Any found items should be turned over to staff or the lost property office.

11 Users must follow instructions and orders given by staff concerning order and safety.

A person or organization that violates these rules and regulations or does not follow instructions or orders given by staff can be required to leave the beach or can be banned from using the beach for a set period.