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Chargeable customer cards contract terms

Chargeable customer cards contract terms

1. Monthly pass and multi-visit customer cards are personal
Multi-visit and monthly pass products are stored on a customer card. A customer card (smart card) costs €4.00 and is used to store all purchased season, multi-visit and monthly pass products. You can use the card to pass through gates and doors directly to the sports facility after swiping the card.

2. Period of validity
Each product is valid for two years from the date of purchase and must be used in full within the period of validity. Season products are valid as follows: 1 month = 30 days, 4-month-long season = 120 days, starting from the first time the card is used. The outdoor swimming pool season lasts from the opening day to the closing day each year. Monthly and season products allow one (1) entry per day. Check the validity period of your access rights at your local sports facility.

3. Using the customer card
Swipe the card at the reader at the gate/door upon arrival. If there is a valid product for your chosen service on the card, you will hear a signal when you swipe the card, after which you will be able to access the sports facility through the gate/door. You can also pay for a second person with your card at sports facilities with a cashier’s point by contacting the cashier. Paying for several people on your card will depend on the product used, customer group and the original payment method of the product.

4. Using the services
The service purchased for the card can be used at the place of purchase and any sports facilities from less expensive price categories (Yrjönkatu, Itäkeskus, Jakomäki and Pirkkola swimming halls, outdoor swimming pools, Latokartano Sports Hall, Liikuntamylly and Töölö Sports Hall, gyms, artificial ice rinks) (not valid at outdoor swimming pools in summer 2020 due to restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic). Be sure to check the places where the card can be used when purchasing a product.
The staff have the right to prevent use of the services in the event of an abuse or infringement of the rules and regulations.

5. Access to the City of Helsinki’s sports facilities for assistants
If a customer is entitled to have a personal assistant, the assistant will be allowed free access to the City of Helsinki’s sports facilities in their role as assistant. The customer may be requested to prove their need for an assistant. Entitlement to a personal assistant can be proven with a social services and health care decision or separate card stating the decision, an EU disability card with the symbol A on it or by showing HSL’s ‘Companion Pass’ card.
Assistants are also granted free access to the City of Helsinki’s group exercise classes. Special swimming cards 2 and 3 require the card holder to be accompanied by an assistant(s).

6. Payment
Products can be paid for using cash, debit cards, credit cards issued by Luottokunta Oy, ePassi, Eazybreak, SmartumPay, MyEdenred, Ticket Mind & Body cards or sports vouchers: Smartum Oy’s Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli or Saldo card, Nets Oy Virike vouchers, as well as RJ-Kuntoseteli Oy’s Tyky-Kuntoseteli. You cannot use exercise and culture vouchers, sports voucher apps or cards for admission or series cards to pay for entry or series cards for other people. Pricing information on City of Helsinki sports and recreation services is available at

7. Missing cards
If your card goes missing, please notify the sports facility immediately. We can deactivate the missing card and transfer any remaining products to a new card.
The new card will cost €4.00.

8. Promotions
Special offers cannot be combined. Discount percentages or euro discounts only cover standard price products, not products in the discount category or products that have already been discounted. Campaign and promotional products may have atypical periods of validity.

9. Refunds and product changes
Product changes and exchanges are processed on a case by case basis. In the event of a severe illness or other similar obstacle that prevents exercise, please request an exercise break for the card immediately. Refunds are not issued retroactively. Customer card fees will not be refunded.

10. Age limits for different services
Children under the age of 7 and children who cannot swim will not be admitted to a swimming hall or pool without an escort who is over the age of 15. Girls and boys over the age of 7 must use their respective changing rooms. Swimming in 25-m and 50-m pools and diving pools requires that you are able to swim for at least 25 meters. Gyms and exercise groups have an age limit of 15 in order to ensure general safety. Children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the gym
for their own safety.

We reserve the right to make changes.