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Definitions for the price groups

Definitions for other price groups

Vem räknas som barn

- 7-17-åringar köper en barnbiljett
- barn under 7 år betalar ingen inträdesavgift
- på Rastböle campingplats räknas 0-15-åringar som barn.

Definition of a student

Student discount is available to students, who
- are studying full-time for a period of at least 9 months and have at least 25 hours of classes weekly
- have one of the following student IDs: FSS, International Student Card ISIC, Osku, Sakki, Samok, Suomen lukiolaisten liitto SLL, SLL-ISIC or SYL card, or the student has a student allowance decision from Kela or a shared student card from the VR Group and Matkahuolto. Paper student certificates from educational institutions are valid for only one academic year at a time (these certificates should state the student’s identity, the educational institute in question and the duration of studies).

The period of validity of a student card is indicated by the term sticker attached to the card, the sticker is available to the holder of the card from their student organisation. A discount is not available to students in apprenticeships, secondary adult education or labour market training.

Please note! Those completing their licentiate degree in medicine are actually completing a basic degree and are thus eligible for the student discount.

Definition of an unemployed person

Unemployment discount is available to people
- who have an unemployment payment decision that is a maximum of 3 months old from Kela or an unemployment fund
- who have a statement of unemployment or integration that is a maximum of 3 months old from the TE Office
- who have a statement printed out from the TE Office’s Oma asiointi pages. Accepted codes: 02, 03, 05, 06 and 07
- who have an electronic copy of the unemployment statement
No discount is available with a customer card from the TE Office or with a labour policy statement

Definition of a pensioner

Pensioners’ discount is available to people
- who have a pensioner’s card from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) or a similar pensioner’s card from a pension fund or a foundation.

The discount is not available to part-time pensioners

Definition of disability

Disability discount is available to people
- with a disabled parking permit
- with a card for the visually disabled
- who have a transport card granted for a transport service, as defined in the Disability Act
- who have a ‘Companion Pass’ granted by HSL
If the client is entitled to a personal assistant, the assistant can access the sports venue free of charge.

Definition of conscript or civilian service

Conscript and civilian service discount is available to people who
- have a valid garrison card or some other certificate proving their conscript or civilian service, approved by the Sports Services.

  • No discount is available to those with a decision for income support.
  • You must be able to prove your identity if requested