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Chargeable customer card

You can purchase a Sports Department customer card from Itäkeskus and Jakomäki swimming pools, Latokartano Sports Hall, Liikuntamylly in Myllypuro, Pirkkola and Yrjönkatu swimming pools, and Töölö Sports Hall.  In summer time, customer cards are also available from the following outdoor swimming pools: Helsinki Swimming Stadium and Kumpula Outdoor Swimming Pool. 

One-time tickets or monthly or seasonal tickets for swimming pools, artificial ice rinks or gyms can be loaded onto the customer card. The card costs €4. The prices of one-time tickets or monthly or seasonal tickets are available on the websites of each facility and on the Sport Department's price list. 

Period of validity for sports products
The products uploaded onto the customer card are valid for two years from the day of purchase. Season products are valid as follows: 1 month = 30 days, 4 month season = 120 days, starting from the first time the card is used. The outdoor swimming pool season lasts from the opening day to the closing day each year. Monthly and season products allow one (1) entry per day.

Purchasing a customer card as a gift
It is possible to buy a customer card as a gift. When purchasing the card, you should be able to state the recipient’s full name, phone number and email address or home address.

Loading a customer card through the web shop
The series and seasonal products for swimming and gyms can be downloaded directly onto your customer card through the online shop. For now, only the series and seasonal products for adults are available through the online shop.

Chargeable customer card
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