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General rules and regulations for outdoor recreation areas

General rules and regulations for outdoor recreation areas managed by the Helsinki

1 The purpose of the City of Helsinki's outdoor recreation areas is to offer possibilities for rest and recreation in nature. Consequently everyone using these areas must be aware of the following rules and regulations and comply with them.

2 The right to use privately owned cabins in a recreational park is based on an annual charge. Camping at camping sites is permitted from 1 May to 1 October in accordance with regulations issued by the Helsinki Sports Committee.

3 Anyone using outdoor recreation areas must behave in an orderly, tidy and decent manner.

4 a) Motor vehicles, tents, caravans and boats may only be used in places where they are allowed and according to regulations and instructions provided by staff in each area. Loitering on docks or using them for swimming or fishing is not allowed. Approved regulations must be observed at swimming places.

b) Arranging public meetings and entertainment, peddling, advertising and all types of gambling are prohibited in areas reserved for outdoor recreation purposes along with driving motor and other vehicles and horse riding except on roads and paths intended for this purpose. Sports can be played in places intended for this purpose or at designated times. Bringing firearms or explosives to outdoor recreation areas is strictly prohibited.

c) Making a fire is only allowed in shelters built for this purpose or using a camp stove. Everyone must handle fire with special care and prevent it from spreading.

d) Camping places must be kept tidy. Paper and other waste must be collected and placed in bins. Well water should be used sparingly. Wells may not be used for storing food and the top of a well or the area around a faucet may not be used for washing.

e) Anyone using an outdoor recreation area should not cause a disturbance or be under the influence of intoxicating substances. Between 11.00 pm and 7.00 am making noise, talking in a loud voice, singing and playing music are not allowed.

5 In areas reserved for outdoor recreation visitors must comply with nature protection, including plants and animals. Cutting or damaging trees, picking flowers, treading on plants or otherwise disturbing vegetation is not allowed. Particularly avoid disturbing birds or damaging their nests. Dogs must be kept on a leash. Dogs are not allowed on beaches or in children's playgrounds.

6 You may use outdoor recreation areas at your own risk and you are also responsible for your own clothing and other property. Lost property should be handed over to staff.

7 You must comply with the staff's instructions and regulations regarding order and safety.

8 Any person or organization that breaks these rules or does not comply with the staff's instructions and regulations can be ordered to leave the outdoor recreation area and can be banned from using the outdoor recreation area for a set period.

In effect since 1.11.1996