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Sports and recreation


All indoor sports facilities of the City of Helsinki, including exercise areas and school gyms, will be closed due to coronavirus restrictions until 31.1.2021. All organised leisure activities held indoors will be cancelled. 

Outdoor sports facilities will be available to residents when children’s and young people’s activities are not held. Supervision and the presence of youth instructors will be increased at outdoor facilities. Changing rooms and maintenance buildings will remain closed.

School sports will be arranged outdoors and at the school’s facilities, but not at other sports facilities.

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Sports Services offers a wide range of opportunities to engage in sports and physical activity to children, young people, working-age people, senior citizens, immigrants and special groups, including swimming lessons, exercise classes, and supervised gym training. Sports Services arranges sports facilities for sports associations and supports their activities, also financially.

In Helsinki, you have the opportunity to enjoy nature on land, at sea and on islands on foot, by bike or in a boat. You can go fishing, bathe in a sauna and spend the night surrounded by nature. The city maintains barbecue and cooking shelters, as well as local exercise places.

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Rules of Order for Sports Services