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Children and young people living in Helsinki can take part in courses organised by the Cultural Office as part of their school day or in their free time. Courses are organized by Annantalo, Caisa, Kanneltalo, Malmitalo, Stoa and Vuosaari House. Annantalo has the broadest range of courses. Caisa’s multicultural offering also includes courses for adults.

For up-to-date information on courses, please visit the centres’ websites. A “low-threshold” approach is applied to all of the Cultural Office’s courses, meaning that they are reasonably priced or free of charge.

Leisure activities for children and young people

Annantalo’s art courses
On Annantalo’s art courses, children and young people living in Helsinki study under the guidance of teachers who are professional artists. Teaching is given in 14 art forms. Our course portfolio includes short courses, courses for one school term or school year, and art courses that continue every year. 
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Vuosaari House’s courses
Vuosaari House offers children and young people evening and weekend courses with varying content. We also run an art workshop for Russian-speaking children. 
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Operation Pulse!
Operation Pulse! offers 12–18-year-olds free-of-charge leisure activities, including courses, events and meeting places in the areas of Malminkartano, Kannelmäki and Haaga (West Pulse) and in the areas of Pukinmäki, Malmi, Tapanila and Jakomäki (North-east Pulse). Most of these activities are planned and put into practice together with young people. 
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Arts education in schools

5x2 arts education
These courses, given in small groups, introduce primary school pupils to a particular branch of art under the guidance of a professional artist. The idea is to support arts education provided by schools. Teaching is available at Annantalo, Kanneltalo, Malmitalo, Stoa and Vuosaari House. 
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Cultural courses
Cultural courses are targeted at lower secondary schools, general and vocational upper secondary schools in Helsinki. The courses are thematic packages that can be integrated with teaching. Participants learn about various areas of life through art. The aim is to offer useful tools for understanding the world. 
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Gallery workshops

Changing exhibitions held at Annantalo, Stoa and Vuosaari House often include workshops for school classes.

Multicultural courses and workshops

Caisa organises courses and workshops related to multiculturalism and international exposure for day-care groups, school children and adults who are interested in multiculturalism. 
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