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Cultural Centres and Support

Cultural Centres and Support offer residents cultural events, performances, exhibitions, courses and arts education.
Cultural Centres and Support: the Savoy Theatre guest stage, Annantalo Arts Centre for children and youth, the international culture centre Caisa and the local venues Stoa, Vuosaari House, Malmitalo and Kanneltalo. These venues organise shows, exhibitions, courses and arts education according to their own profiles. In the summer, the Espa Stage complements the cultural offering of Helsinki.

Cultural Centres and Support organise approximately 1,500 performances, 1,300 courses and 120 exhibitions annually. Our cultural offering is implemented in close cooperation with artists based in Helsinki.

Cultural Centres





Savoy Theatre



Other venues

Espa Stage

Harakka Island

Grants for Culture

Helsinki awards approximately 17 million euros a year in grants to art and culture.

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