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Library is open for everyone. There is a wide range of readable, watchable and listening choices available for free. Each library has client computers and offers a variety of programs and events for both children and adults.

Helsinki City Library has 37 libraries, two institutional libraries, five service points in the Service Centre of Helsinki and two mobile libraries.

In December 2018, Oodi opens its doors in the Töölönlahti. Oodi is a new age library that offers opportunities for meetings, adventure and relaxation. Read more about Oodi here.

The homepages, opening hours and contact details of libraries are available in

Want to send communication materials to libraries?

The Helsinki City Library has a logistics centre – dispatch – from where books and other materials are distributed to all the libraries. The dispatch is located at the Pasila Library, which is the main library. Various communication and marketing materials, such as brochures and posters, can be requested to be distributed to libraries via the dispatch. Tel. 09 310 85204.

Photo: City of Helsinki / Jussi Hellsten