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Filming and photography

Filming and photography on library premises

All the branches of the Helsinki City Library are public spaces open to everyone, and filming and taking photos is permitted within such premises. If you need help with choosing a shooting location, contact the library’s communications unit. If you know which library you wish to use for your shoot, you may contact the director of the library in question directly. The contact information of library directors can be found according to library at

The library’s customers should be taken into consideration when filming or taking photos; they have the right to privacy within the library's premises. It is polite to ask for permission when filming or taking photos of the library’s customers. This especially applies to children and young people under the age of 18. In their case, permission must always be requested from the parents or legal guardians.

Filming and photography on museum premises

Filming and taking photos is permitted at the Helsinki City Museum (Aleksanterinkatu 6), the Hakasalmi Villa, the Worker Housing Museum, the Tram Museum and the Burgher’s House Museum. Please let Head of Unit Jari Karhu know about your arrival in advance via email or by phoning +358 9 310 64198. Advance notice is necessary for ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our museum guests, and for the filming or photography to run smoothly.

As a rule, filming and taking photos is allowed at the Helsinki Art Museum, but restrictions may apply to certain exhibitions. Please let PR Manager Karri Buchert (+358 50 304 6707, know about your arrival in advance in order for us to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our museum guests, and for you to have a good shoot! 

Parental permission is always required when photographing children or persons under the age of 18.

Filming and photography on sports premises

Filming and taking photos is allowed in public spaces. Filming and taking photos of people is allowed in indoor sports facilities that are open to the public. As a rule, a permit is required to film and take photos of people at outdoor swimming pools. Filming and taking photos is allowed in customer spaces, such as the cafeteria. Click here for more detailed instructions

Filming on cultural centres

Please contact personnel: Annantalo, CaisaKanneltaloMalmitaloSavoy TheatreStoaVuotalo