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Grants for sports

Helsinki supports sports associations and special groups by distributing about 8 million euros as grants each year. Grants are available for operations,  and for events promoting physical activity and sports. Other grant types include a start grant for sports associations that have been in operation for less than a year, an orienteering map grant for covering the printing costs of orienteering maps, and a grant for other societies promoting physical activity.

When applying for grants, please read carefully the grant awarding criteria and the application instructions.

Grants for sports are awarded annually to Helsinki sports associations and for the physical activity operations of pensioners and special groups in accordance with the grant application instructions (PDF) confirmed by the Sports Division. The primary form of grant application is to fill in the electronic form available at

The coronavirus pandemic and grants for sports

Coronavirus-related grants in 2020 
Targeted operating grant for sports associations for tackling the economical and operational challenges caused by the closure of school gyms
The City of Helsinki will not recover already awarded culture and leisure grants 

Grants for Sports in 2021

The application period for the Sports Division’s grants for operating, other associations promoting physical activity, and orienteering maps in 2020 will end on Monday 15 February 2021.

Event grants and launching grants can be applied for throughout the year.

Current news about sports grants (In Finnish)

General information about sports grants

Eligibility for receiving grants/Grant criteria

Types of grants

Separate application rounds

Rewards for athletes

Application periods

Application process and decision-making

Online application and appendices

Using a grant and filing reports

Contact information

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