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Using a Grant and Creating Reports

Two woman reading the rules and instruction on using the grants


Carefully read through the rules and instructions on using the grants:


The use of all grants awarded by the City of Helsinki must be reported on.

Arts and culture grants for continuous activities are primarily reported on when applying for the next year’s grant by attaching the previous year’s finacial statements and annual report.

Project based arts and culture grants are reported on with a separate evaluation form. The form must be filled in by three months after the project has finished, however no later than January next year. 

Please note! The reporting guidelines for project-based activities in 2020 has been updated and the reporting deadline has been extended. Please fill in the reporting form by October 31, 2021. This change is temporary and corresponding to 2020 project grants. Grants for project-based activities taking place in 2021 should be reported normally.

Payment of grants

The awarded grants and advances are paid according to the City of Helsinki’s general guidelines.

Grants awarded for project-based activities are paid as a single instalment. Development grants (including basic arts education grants and Helsinki model grants) are split into two instalments, in accordance with the Division’s decision.

Development grants are split into two instalments, in accordance with the Division’s decision.

Grants awarded for continuous activities are paid the following way:

  • grants of less than 8,000 euros as a single instalment,
  • grants of 8,000 – 40,000 euros in two instalments, and
  • grants of more than 40,000 euros in four instalments.

The grant will be paid into a bank account holding the grant receiver’s name. In order for a grant to be paid, a registered association, business proprietor, cooperative or limited liability company must submit a bank statement or other similar bank account document issued by their bank and showing the account holder’s name and account number. The bank document has to be submitted with the grant application when you are a first-time appilicant or your bank information has changed, otherwise the grant cannot be paid.

Contact person for payments: Minna Leino, Administrative Secretary, (09) 310 89044,

Using Helsinki’s logo

If possible, funding recipients should include the City of Helsinki’s logo in their communications and marketing materials. The logo has a Finnish, a Swedish and a bilingual version. Furthermore, funding recipients must always mention the City of Helsinki’s name among their event sponsors.

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