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Using a Grant and Creating Reports

Two woman reading the rules and instruction on using the grants


Carefully read through the rules and instructions on using the grants:

Reporting Forms

Payment of grants

The awarded grants and advances are paid according to the City of Helsinki’s general guidelines.

Grants awarded for project-based activities (excluding development grants) are paid into the applicant’s account within 21 days of the decision, if a grant has been awarded to the applicant.

Development grants are split into two instalments, in accordance with the Division’s decision.

Grants awarded for continuous activities are paid the following way:

  • grants of less than 4,000 euros as a single instalment,
  • grants of 4,000–10,999 euros in two instalments, and
  • grants of more than 11,000 euros in four instalments.

In order for a grant to be paid, a registered association, business proprietor, cooperative or limited liability company must submit a bank statement or other similar bank account document issued by their bank and showing the account holder’s name and account number.

Contact person for payments: Minna Leino, Administrative Secretary, (09) 310 89044,

Using Helsinki’s logo

If possible, funding recipients should include the City of Helsinki’s logo in their communications and marketing materials. The logo has a Finnish, a Swedish and a bilingual version. Furthermore, funding recipients must always mention the City of Helsinki’s name among their event sponsors.

Instructions and Links

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