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The impact of the coronavirus situation on grants

Recovery grants for arts and culture 2022-2023

The purpose of the special coronavirus grant 2022 is to support continuity and secure operations in the field of arts and culture as part of the efforts to recover from the coronavirus crisis. The period for using the grants is 1 January 2022–31 December 2022. The application period is 13 April–27 April 2022 16:00. Read more

The microgrant is a new grant type and trial, which is used to support the arts and culture sector in organising free open-to-all pop-up events and activities throughout Helsinki as part of the process of recovery from the coronavirus crisis. The events must be organised within the period 1 June–31 October 2022. The application period is 1 May–16 May 2022 16:00. Read more

Recovery grants for arts and culture in autumn 2021

The Culture and Leisure Division is announcing the start of an application period for fixed-term grants, whose aim is to restore operational volumes to the pre-pandemic level and reduce the direct and indirect adverse effects of the pandemic. A total of €2.12 million will be awarded as grants to operators in the arts and culture sector to mitigate harm caused by the coronavirus. These grants will be part of the entire pool of grants of the Culture and Leisure Division, worth €3.5 million in total. Grants will be allocated in a way that promotes the recovery of the culture and arts sector and events, as well as hobbies organised for children and young people, as part of a pandemic recovery scheme. Application period is 20 September  8 October 2021. Read more

Grant transfers due to difficulties resulting from the pandemic

The culture and leisure committee decided at its meeting held on 24 August 2021 that grants awarded in the Culture and Leisure Division for 2021 will not be recovered if the financially supported operations were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. A grant’s purpose and a project’s content can be changed, and grants may be rescheduled, as long as they are used by 31 May 2022. Reports on the grants’ use must be submitted by 30 September 2022.

No separate application is required to transfer a grant, as long as the grant is used in accordance with the grant terms and conditions. However, a grant recipient must keep a record of the changes and describe them when reporting on the use of the grant. The grant recipients must follow all existing guidelines issued by the authorities.

These instructions apply to all cultural grants, i.e. art and cultural grants for permanent operations, art and cultural grants for projects, grants for basic education in the arts and development grants.

The coronavirus and culture grants:

Unused grants must be paid back

However, please note that unused grants must be paid back. Therefore, if an activity that has been awarded a grant is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled or altered, and if no costs have been incurred, the grant must be paid back. Similarly, if an activity is not carried out or is carried out on a significantly smaller scale, and if the costs incurred are less than the grant amount, the remaining funds granted must be paid back. For arrangements to pay back a grant, please contact Administrative Secretary Minna Leino at

Health security plan for cooperation partners

The health security plan can be found here.

More information

If you need advice on your situation, please contact us. 

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