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The impact of the coronavirus situation on grants

Grants that have already been awarded will not be called back

The city has many ways of supporting culture, sports, youth work and citizen’s activities. Because of the closures and cancellations of activities caused by the coronavirus the city has decided not to call back the grants that have already been awarded to culture and leisure. The grants can be moved to be used later, even up to the spring of next year, or the content of the activities can be altered with a low threshold. The city acknowledges the situation, is flexible with the use of the grants, and understands that circumstances have changed and become more difficult.

Because of the special circumstances caused by the coronavirus the arts and culture grants, grants for basic arts education, and development grants awarded by the City of Helsinki for the year 2020 can be used until 31 May 2021 for the same or similar activities as presented in the applicants original plans. 

Grants that have been used in such a way will not be called back. 

When adjusting or delaying the activities the receiver of the grant is to consider that the use of the grant is not in contradiction with the purpose of the original grant decision or the general guidelines for grants. 

There is no need to apply for or seek a separate decision regarding the changes to activities caused by the coronavirus situation. However the grant receiver is to keep a record of the changes and describe them when reporting on the use of the grant. The grant receivers are to follow all current instructions given by officials. 

However, please note that if the grant goes unused, it should be paid back. This means that if the activities that have received a grant are cancelled, cannot be moved or adjusted, and no costs have been caused by the activities, the grant should be paid back. Likewise, if the activities are not carried out or are carried out on a significantly smaller scale, and the costs caused by the activities are smaller than the grant, the unused part of the grant should be paid back. For arrangements to pay back the grant, please contact: Minna Leino, administrative secretary,

Frequently asked questions about the impact of the coronavirus situation on grants already awarded (linkki uuteen FAQ-sivuun)

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Helsinki quick grant

Arts and Culture Grants: The city awarded project based arts and culture grants of maximum 5 000 euros to projects that had a focus on quickly utilizing new innovative or digital ways of reaching audiences by streaming performances or in an otherwise suitable way during the period of the public restrictions.

Helsinki quick grants received 534 applications, and grants were awarded to 98 applicants in the total sum of 177 500 euros.

The call for quick grants has ended, and no new applications will be processed as quick grants.

Frequently asked questions about Helsinki quick-grants