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Grants to promote cultural activities for the elderly

The application period starts on February 1, 2021 and ends on February 26, 2021 at 4:00 pm

Helsinki-based registered art and culture communities with legal capacity may apply for the grant. Private persons and unregistered working groups are not eligible to apply for this grant. Applicants are encouraged to form partnerships. Partners may include also unregistered communities, working groups or operators, as well as companies.

In 2021, the funding allocated for the grants is 850,000 euros. The Culture and Library Sub-committee will decide on the projects to be funded on April 29, 2021.

Instructions and background materials

We have compiled key questions and answers regarding the grant application process. Please note! The questions and answers concern both the Social Services and Health Care Division’s application for promoting the physical activities of seniors and the Culture and Leisure Division’s application for promoting the cultural activities of seniors.

We have also compiled background material, research and links related to promoting the physical and cultural activities of seniors to support project planning.

Notification of willingness to co-operate in a project

In the grant application process for promoting the physical and cultural activities, applicants are encouraged to create new forms of co-operation. Particularly during the pandemic, new partners may be difficult to find. You can leave your contact information and ideas for a potential project or your role via this form. The information entered on the form will be published on the grant pages of the divisions. This way, everyone can see the communities/operators interested in co-operation on a project. The table will be updated every few days. The form will be removed from the website and deleted by March 15, 2021. Further information:

You can access the form here: 

Targeting of the funding

The grants are targeted at cultural activities increasing the well-being of elderly residents of Helsinki. The objective is to enhance the opportunities of elderly people living at home to live a high-quality life full of experiences in which they are active operators. Preventive measures that increase well-being respond to the challenges posed by an ageing population. The most important application criteria include accessibility and the ability of the activities to strengthen the participation of the elderly.

The projects that receive funding must promote one or more of the following objectives:
• development of digital art and culture services
• development of local services / regional art and culture activities
• development of volunteer activities
• capacity building of art and culture operators and creation of new methods/structures

The evaluation and assessment will emphasise projects that promote the well-being and operational capacity of the elderly through new types of partnerships and operating models. Shared projects between various operators are considered an asset in the assessment.

The grant is allocated for expenses generated by the project, which are not basic operation expenses of the operator. The projects must have a self-financing share. The grants are discretionary.

The Helsinki City Social Services and Health Care Division and the Culture and Leisure Division have outlined together the objectives and criteria of this grant. Both sectors are allocating grants with the following purposes:
• Social Services and Health Care Division → grants to promote the physical activities of the elderly people
• Culture and Leisure Division → grants to promote cultural activities for the elderly people

Further information

Sara Kuusi,, tel. (09) 310 32204 (Mon–Tue 9–12)

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