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Frequently asked questions about Helsinki quick-grants

How can I apply for the Helsinki quick-grants?

Sign in to the City of Helsinki’s e-Services and fill in the Arts and culture grant application form, as if you were applying for a specific project. Write “Helsinki quick-grants” in the field where it asks you to describe the project.

Does the Helsinki quick-grants have its own application form?

No. Apply for the Helsinki quick-grants by using the application form for an Arts and culture grant as if you were applying for a specific project.

How can I use the Helsinki quick-grants?

Use the grant to cover expenses justifiably incurred by the project, but not however for e.g. large investments. More detailed information on what grants can be used for

Do I need to have other funding if I apply?

It is not necessary to have your own funding for the project.

Do I need to include appendices? Is it mandatory?

Yes. You need to send the CVs of group members who are artistic professionals. First-time applicants must also include a copy of their bank statement.

Is there a timeframe for using the grant?

Yes, you must use the grant by the end of 2020.

Is the grant meant for Helsinki organisations only?

Yes. The grant is intended primarily for Helsinki organisations, and the activities should target Helsinki residents. The application will be judged on how the project will benefit Helsinki residents as participants in its creation and beneficiaries of the experience.

Do you have to be a registered organisation to apply?


Who can I contact if I have a question about the express coronavirus grant?

Contact information of the City of Helsinki’s culture grant personnel

Will I have to submit a report about how the grant was used?

Yes. Use the grant report form found at the City of Helsinki’s website pages explaining culture grants. Read the grant decision carefully for more specific instructions on what the grant should be used for and how to report on grant use.


Apply for a culture grant via the City of Helsinki’s E-services (

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