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Development Grants

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Coronavirus Situation and Culture Grants

The City of Helsinki will not recover already awarded grants for arts and culture for events and productions that have been cancelled or postponed due to the effects of the corona virus. The City of Helsinki understands the economic concerns in the field of arts and culture caused by the exceptional situation and explores possible other ways to support the field. 

Read more on the impact of coronavirus situation on culture grants

Development Grants

For whom: registered artistic and cultural institutions and communities in Helsinki

For what: development projects that

  • are responding to the cultural sector’s development needs (e.g. when certain activities are not yet available in the city)
  • take advantage of the field of art and culture more extensively than the organisations conducting the projects
  • support the City Council’s strategic and cultural policy objectives. 

Activities for which grants can be awarded include cooperation networks, experiments, new ways of working (e.g. new operating models, concepts and facility solutions), and projects intended to achieve cultural and artistic reformation and development. Financial support can also be granted to skill development projects. Culture-political development activities include operations conducted according the Helsinki Model, as well as locally accessible art and culture, cultural work with the elderly and basic arts education. Other development projects that meet the assessment criteria may also receive financial support on a discretionary basis. A development grant may be granted for 1–3 years at a time.

The Helsinki Model

The Helsinki Model is a model for participatory local cultural work, which encourages art institutions and professional groups of artists to expand their operations beyond their own facilities and work in cooperation with the residents and communities of various neighbourhoods. Read more

Applicants must meet the culture grant criteria and submit their applications by the deadline via the City of Helsinki’s E-services.

Apply for a culture grant via the E-services (

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