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Arts and Culture Grants

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Coronavirus Situation and Culture Grants

The City of Helsinki will not recover already awarded grants for arts and culture for events and productions that have been cancelled or postponed due to the effects of the corona virus. The City of Helsinki understands the economic concerns in the field of arts and culture caused by the exceptional situation and explores possible other ways to support the field.

Please note! When you are applying for a new grant you must clarify the funds that have been moved to be used. In case you are applying for a new grant for an activity that has been moved because of the corona virus, you must give clear information about the funds that have been left over and moved from the previous grant. With project grants this information should be given in the incomes of the budget in the application.

All of those who are applying for an operational grant for continuous activities for the year 2021 must fill in a separate form regarding the effects of the corona virus on operations in the year 2020. 

Read more about the impact of the coronavirus situation on grants

Arts and Culture Grants

For whom: institutions and communities of art and culture, organisations, associations, working groups, artists and residents.

Arts and culture grants are available for both continuous and project-based activities. Financial support for continuous activities can only be granted for registered operators based in Helsinki. In addition to registered operators, unregistered working groups and private individuals may also apply for grants for short-term projects. 

For what: Support for artistic and cultural activities and basic arts education organised in Helsinki and open to the public.

Applicants must submit their applications within the deadline via the City of Helsinki’s E-services.

The grant amount must be reasonable in relation to the scope of the activities. The evaluation criteria used for arts and culture grants is dependent on the size of the grant being applied for. Applicants do not need to meet all the criteria in order to receive financial support. However, a larger grant requires that the applicant’s operations convincingly meet a higher number of the assessment criteria. Read more about the Grant Criteria.

Arts and culture grants will not be awarded retroactively for dates preceding the application. Grants may be applied for activities taking place during the current calendar year and, application periods permitting, for activities that will take place the following year. Typically, financial support may only be granted until the end of a calendar year. Operators that have previously been awarded a grant of at least 50,000 euros have been able to apply for a multi-year grant. When applying for a grant for an entire calendar year, the application must be submitted by a deadline at the end of the previous year, with the exception of grants of at least 50,000 euros, which have specific application periods.

The appendices that need to be included in the application vary depending on whether the grant being applied for is continuous or project-based activities. Their instalment schedules are also different.

Continuous activities

In determining whether a grant can be awarded for continuous activities, consideration is given to whether the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The applicant is a registered operator based in Helsinki.
  • The operator has been operating registered for at least one financial year.
  • The activities continue throughout the year. The applicant community has, for example, activities open to the public and/or employees working all year round.
  • The art and cultural activities for which the grant is applied form the central part of the applicant’s operations or can clearly be identified in the applicant’s financial statements, action plan and budget.

Grants for continuous activities are paid in up to four instalments over the year, depending on the grant amount.

Project-based activities

A grant awarded for a project or projects is paid in one instalment after being awarded. 

Multi-year grants

Multi-year grants are primarily intended for operators who have previously received a grant of at least 50,000 euros. 

No new multi-year applicants will be accepted for the year 2021.

Over the course of their grant period, operators receiving multi-year grants must submit annual grant applications with appropriate appendices via the City of Helsinki’s E-services. In addition to this, applicants agree to take part in the City’s yearly partner meetings intended for monitoring the funding recipients’ situation and the progress of their development plans. 

Basic arts education grants

Basic arts education is progressive and goal-oriented instruction in various forms of art, mainly intended for children and young people, and it provides students with skills to express themselves and also to apply for vocational or higher education in a specific arts discipline. Throughout their grant period, communities receiving grants for basic arts education must submit annual grant applications with appropriate appendices via the City of Helsinki’s E-services. Read more

Grants for Alppipuisto summer events in 2021

Alppipuisto park has traditionally hosted a music-focused series of events during the summer. The aim is to provide inspiring summer events in Helsinki and bring people together to enjoy summer weekends filled with music and other activities. At the same time, the aim is to enable new actors to become event organizers and work together. The City of Helsinki participates in the project with grant funding.

Read more

Arts and culture grants will not be awarded for:

Media publications, websites, film productions, recordings, radio broadcasts, etc., to communities whose umbrella organisations are receiving financial support from Helsinki, for theses or publications, competitions or celebrations, religious or party-political events, closed events, presentations, lectures, seminars or courses, hobby groups, study or club activities, or camps, individual concerts, performances or exhibitions or activities that mainly take place outside of Helsinki.

For event organizers

Job’d Events enables event organisers to hire local youths to help out in organising the events. For the event organisers, the extra workforce is free of charge. Read more

Apply for a culture grant via the E-services (

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