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Art and Culture Awards

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Helsinki Culture Award

The City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Committee annually grants a culture award to an artist based in Helsinki as recognition of significant artistic achievements or important work that promotes culture in Helsinki. The award amount is 15,000 euros.

Helsinki Culture Award Winners

Helsinki Artists of the Year

Every year, three distinguished artists from Helsinki are granted an award for important, topical work they have conducted, based on annually changing focal points pertaining to cultural aspects and the committee strategy.

Helsinki Artists of the Year

Helsinki Cultural Act Award

The Culture and Library Sub-committee of the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Committee annually grants an award for a notable cultural act. The award is intended for noteworthy and novel cultural acts or projects, and the activities granted this award must be focused on Helsinki or its residents. The award winner is selected based on proposals from previous years’ winners, and the size of the award is 5,000 euros.

Helsinki Cultural Act Award Winners

All art and culture awards are granted without application.

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