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Application Process and Decision-making


1. Read and learn

Read about the grant criteria and application instructions available on this website:

2. Get ready to apply

Make the necessary preparations to submit your application. Acquire all the necessary background information and appendices required to submit your application.

3. Apply online

Submit an online application  via the City of Helsinki’s E-services using the form:

4. Your application will be processed

The applications are processed by the Partnerships and Grants Unit of the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division’s Cultural Centres and Support Unit. Be prepared to provide additional information, if required.

The processing consists of an overview and an assessment of how well the applicant is able to meet the culture grant criteria. All grants are awarded on a discretionary basis. The length of the processing time depends on the grant being applied for.

In addition, the following instructions are followed when processing the applications:

5. Decision

You will find the information regarding the decision made on your application on the Culture and Leisure Division's Decision-making page. A copy of the decision documeny will also be sent to you by post.

Financial support is granted based on an assessment of how well the applicant is able to meet the culture grant criteria. Support is only granted upon application. 

The Culture and Library Sub-committee of the Culture and Leisure Committee makes the decisions on grants exceeding 5,000 euros.

The partnership manager of the Cultural Centres and Support makes the decisions on applications for up to 7,500 euros and where the maximum amount awarded is 5,000 euros. The schedule of municipal officeholder decisions mainly follows that of the Culture and Library Sub-committee’s meetings.

A decision bulletin is created after the decision meeting. Once the decision document has been written and reviewed, they it will replace the meeting agenda and the decision bulletin. The applicants will be sent information about the decision by post.

Subscribe to STT Info to have the meeting agendas and decision bulletins of the City of Helsinki’s Culture and Leisure Division sent directly to your email. 

Instructions on how to subscribe to STT Info service

Open data about the grants awarded has been published in the Helsinki Region Infoshare service. 

6. Using a grant and reporting

Follow the instructions on using the grants and filing reports.

All communications and marketing materials must mention the City of Helsinki as one of the event’s sponsors and use Helsinki’s logo, if possible. 

Notifications regarding changes

You must notify the Culture and Leisure Division of any changes without delay.


Applicants will be sent instructions on how to make an appeal along with the decision.

Apply for a culture grant via the E-services (

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Using a Grant and Creating Reports

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